Naruto, game spec question
I read your, will my computer run it thread but did not see my graphics card so if you could all help me out, before I go through the trouble of getting an imported game and what not.

My computers specs
Vista ulti 64bit
Intel Q6600 Quad core stock clock 2.4GHz I can boost it to 3.2GHz
easy though.. I don't like to though Im a noob at OCing lol
Corsair XMS(I thinks the name) pretty fast DDR2 ram
4GB's running 3-3-3-12
Running in dual channel
Graphics card
eVGA 8800 GTX 756MB
I dont think there are other things to list
I want to play Naruto Accel 2
so any advice needed plug ins and so on would rock
Thanks to those that help =]]

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Oh yeah dont know if this matters but I would like to be able to play windowed.

I read on here some people saying that running full screen and tricking the native resolution can get better FPS
It should run decently althou i dont have the game to make sure, check the screnshot/video thread and compare to other people with that game to see how good.
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You can run it easilty at 60 fps. Smile
I'm playing it at 40-60 fps with a D3D int res of 1024x768 and my PC is way weaker than yours.
Fullscreen and windowed mode doesnt matter.
Athlon X2 5400+ ~ 2.8GHz / 2.5GB DDR2 667 / 9500GT 512MB / Windows 7
hey thanks great to know now if only imported games where not so pricey lol

umm awesome cant wait for shipping.
daimlerpogi do you have and special setting for the game?

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