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Quick question about the native resolution option. I've read and been told that native resolution is the same resolution as it is on the PS2 console. Surely, this is not correct.

I have Dragon Quest 8 pulled up on my PS2 console right now, next to my monitor in which I am using the emulator with the native resolution option. The emulators graphics are not even close. There anything I can do to actually find the real resolution PS2 renders this game in, so that I can attempt to emulate that? Possibly missing an option other then checking 'native' for resolution to emulate the actual PS2 graphics? Admittedly, I am new to 3D emulation; usually only emulate 2D games and select PlayStation games.

Thanks in advanced!

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It is native it wouldn't look nearly as bad if you had a crt monitor but those with HD LCD's will tell you PS2 games look downright awful on that unless the tv has a very good internal scaler.
of course, if you compare it to how it's rendered on your TV, you will think your PS2's res is better than the one called "native" in the emu.

It's just because your PC screen is much more precise than your TV. Thus you can see every piece of aliasing you couldn't see on your TV.

But it's a fact : native PS2 res is 512*512, and that's what you get when ticking "native" in gsdx options
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Ah, I see. Did not even consider the possibility that monitors display the same internal resolution differently then TV screens. Thanks for dealing with my nooby-ness.

Hrmm, puts me in a bit of a pickle though. Increasing the internal resolution with this particular game gives me random slow downs in towns. Even with speed hacks I can not seem to get a steady 60 FPS. Wonder if I could hook my PC up to my TV, still using native resolution and see if it looks better. About the only option at this point.
You could you could also hook it to the tv while also running the highest internal res you can run without slowdown for some slight benefits.
Quote:you could also hook it to the tv while also running the highest internal res you can run without slowdown for some slight benefits.

How? 1240x980 internal res already slows down *many* games here. o.o
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It depends a lot on your system but with my old 8800GT can run most games with 3x scaling a quite a few with 2-4x AA added to that with minimal slowdown.
Dralor: I can guarantee you it can't run DQ8 at 3x scale. My laptop can play Persona 4 at 3x scale fairly easily but has graphics slowdown (not cpu slowdown) on DQ8 even at native resolution. The game itself doesn't seem to particularly graphically intense but it nomnomnoms video cards pretty fierce Wink
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Well yeah DQVII and Rogue Galaxy thrash my poor videocard. That's why I said most. I haven't tried Radiata Stories in ages either that used to trash it but that's when it wasn't working right so I'm not sure if that was a bug or another game that thrashed it.
DQ8 definitely is rough on cards compared to other PS2 games. My card is a single HD4850, and 950x950 internal res is what I had to settle for in order attain a constant 60 fps [with 2xaa to boot]. The game still looked great considering the res...But nothing like it can look like. DQ8 at 2048x2048 internal res looks amazing, especially since it is a PS2 game. Im sure a more modern card such as the Radeon 6800's could run it at that @60fps or the Nvidea equivalent.

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