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I was wondering about playing Star ocean 3 in native and in 2x native. When I play it in native I get 45+ fps everywhere but the graphics quality sucks. When I put it on 2X native the quality is beautiful but the speed drops buy about 10-15 fps which is too slow. I sthere a way to make it a little faster on 2X native or is there a custom resolution that I could set that would give me near quality of 2x Native but with the speed of just Native?
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Your graphics card is really old. You're not likely going to be able to find any solution here. When playing on 2x native, your graphics card is producing a picture with 4 times the pixels in it. It's just like increasing the resolution in a PC game, and your GFX can't handle it.
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try custom res. shoud be nearly match the nativ ratio of your monitor
You can set whatever custom resolution you want, regardless what the native resolution of your monitor is (and the native res of your monitor will not have any effect on the image quality...). Try setting something like 1000x1000 and tweak it until you get a good balance of performance-quality.
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Also look into overclocking your video card. That can help a couple FPS, too.

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