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I'm sorry if I made mistake creating this thread, but I really need help about configuring my PCSX2.. I already download the latest build of PCSX2 (svn r5423) and I want to play Monster Hunter Dos in widescreen mode..

My PC specifications are:
Processor, 2.2GHz (overclocked) Intel Dual Core E2160
VGA, ATI Radeon HD 5570 1GB DDR2
Sound, Integrated ALC662 6-Channel (Realtek)
Memory, 2GB DDR2
OS, Windows 7 32 bit

So, based on those, what is the optimal configuration for playing Monster hunter dos.. I prefer 16:9 resolution...

I already tested a 1280x720 resolution with DirectX10, everything went smooth until after an hour, It's slowing down like hell... Laggy and all..

All help will be really appreciated..
Thanks before...

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If the game slows down after an hour of play, there are 2 possible reasons for this.

The first is you are running out of resources, possibly due to background programs or the emulator is using a lot of ram. If the latter, you should notice no slow down using native resolution.

The second possibility is your computer is overheating, i would suggest using Core Temp to check your temperatures and make sure they don't go much above 70c.
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see jesalvein's post here

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