Need Help Converting Cheat Engine Cheats to Pnach
Hello! New to the forums here. Looking for some help. I've been playing Final Fantasy XII and have had no problems getting cheats to work. Well I found a couple specific cheats that I want to use specifically a cheat where Espers will always use their ultimate attack. I tried to convert the codes to RAW and add them into the Pnach with no success. After digging around I found a cheat engine table with these cheats on it, and they work perfectly. I want to transfer these cheats to a pnach so that they are always enabled (I don't feel like having to open CE each and everytime). For example one of the cheats in cheat engine is Address: 2054D13C Value : 00B76002. Is it possible to take these and convert them so that they would work in the Pnach file? I have searched everywhere with no luck finding any answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Cheat Engine:
Address: 2054D13C
Value: 00B76002

Conversion for PCSX2:
//Cheat Name

Pay attention to how many bytes are being written.
If it only writes to 2 bytes for example, make sure you start the code inside the pnach file with '1' instead of '2'.

If it's just writing to 1 byte, make it start with '0'.
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Thank you for the quick reply. I actually have how you have it in the pnach.

//Cheat Name

it just doesnt work. It works perfectly fine when using it on cheat engine but not in the Pnach.

Edit: I got it working. For some reason I had to add the Checksum bypass cheats to the pnach file as well.

This is solved and can be closed.

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