[ Need Help ] Game: DBZ Tenkaichi 3
Hi, so the problem is im running a... actually the version of the emulator doesnt matter i tried it on "PCSX2 0.9.6" and on "PCSX2 Beta 1888 installer (with plugins) Recommended! (20 September 2009)" and when ever im playing the game... it flashes i mean game black game black ... but very fast... so you can actualy see what you are doing but it's annoying ...

those are the settings on the GSDX [Image: 001vsj.jpg]

sorry for the bad english. Unsure

btw im running Windows 7 32bit

My PC Config:

Gigabyte P55-US3L /LGA1156
Intel i5 /2.66 ghz /8mb
Nvidia GTS 250 /1gb /GDDR3
2GB RAM /DDR3 /1333mhz

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Why some people always think that newer means better...did you tried with DX9/10(DX11 is still new)
try different interlacing methods? change between them with F5...and i wouldn't even try using dx11, just go with dx10 in my opinion

with that hardware and those settings in GSdx, this should run as smooth as silk
I tried 9 10 11 .... tried the thing with F5 ...... nothing works :\ ... oh on the new emulator i turned on "wait vsync" and they disappeared but the fps dropped like to 20 ;[ on the older version i did the same thing but the lines didn't disappear...

Here are some pics i took with the black flashing or watever you wanna call it...

going in black screen / next second normal / Normal / Blackish /

when im flashed or something >.<
if this is NTSC version of the game turn off the EE sync hacks in speedhacks menu since that causes the "black flashes", try using MicroVU, set all clamp modes to Full/Extra+Preserve Sign, try DirectX10 HW mode in GSDX/set interlacing to "blend bff".

if this is PAL i can't help you i don't have pal version sorry but you can try doing the things above mentioned (dunno if itll work tho XD)
You know what heres a CLIP !!!

P.S. Thanks andutrache im gonna try them right now.
1.i think nvidia does'nt have a dx11 card yet better wait will march 2010 for the GF 300 series

2.for flashing issues use gsdx 0.1.4
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yeah.... i got NTSC Version and everything's allright ... thanks for all the help

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