Need Help I can only log into Bios
I am Trying to play FFX
I am useing "ZeroGS 0.97.1"

and marked "None" in
"Anti-aliasing for Shafer"

and marked "Default 640X480"

I have tried using the other Graphics other than "ZeroGS 0.97.1"

and I can only get into the "PS2 Bios"

so what can I do .? what should I configer in "Graphics"

Whats the Best Configer for Graphcis setting for FFX ? Best CDVD ISO for FFX etc

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I'm not sure to understand the question. Before anything else the emulator need to see the game, wherever it is.

PS: if you mean the FFX is on ISO you just need to select it in the GUI "Browse" and make sure "Iso" is selected...
Or select in the Linus ISO plugin and make sure "Plugin" is selected on the GUI.
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