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Need Help KH2 !
Ok i got the iso of KH II but now i just wanna be sure about thee plug-in for graphics. What plug-in do you advice me ? I got :
GSDX 890 SSSE2 0.1.14
GSDX 890 SSE41 0.1.14
GSDX 890 SSSE3 0.1.14
ZeroGS 0.97.1

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GSDX with proper SSE mode. ZeroGS have bug in GIF transfer, so you got a problem in asteroid field.
Oh no... I put the config of tallbender and now when i do "Run CD/DVD file" vista told me that there is a problem and that it has to stop pcsx (i tried pcsx2 beta1.90 and pcsx 0.96).. /( I'm cursed i think so Smile

EDIT : Ok i found a solution, i set Linuz Iso and now it works but it still slow.. Sad
Well finally i think my 2,2 GHZ are not eniugh to run KH II because it should work normally.. If anybody has an last idea don't hesitate to tell it. Thanks again four your help
I am running on a 2.2, it's more than enough for KH2. use some speedhacks and it will push up the speed. may not be full 60/50 but it will be bearably fast

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