Need Help NTSC Action Replay MAX Codes to PAL
I need help to Converting Codes for Gran Turismo 4 PAL
Inf. Fuel
200C20D0 C48005D0
200C20D4 03E00008
200C20D8 E48005D4
2039E5EC 0C030834

Inf. Nitrous
20354C38 3C01461C
20354C3C 34214000
20354C4C E46204E0

Autopilot(Press [L1] to Activate, [R1] to De-Activate)
200C20A0 26840104
200C20A4 90810466
200C20AC 03E00008
200C20B0 A0810466
20345208 08030828
D086F99C 0000FBFF
200C20A8 34210001
D086F99C 0000F7FF
200C20A8 3021FFFE

Ultra Fast Timer(Can be used with the timed races)
10357FBC 00004000

Please help me!
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no one Help?
Hey try with theses pnachs.Read the tutorial to install the sames.

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In order to convert PAL codes to NTSC codes. You need to first make sure the codes are in RAW format. Gameshark uses RAW format. Next open up the Windows calculator and Push ALT+3 to bring up the programming one. Noe to the left side click HEX. Now Enter the 8 digit code into the calculator (completely ignore the last 4 digits entirely). Now subtract 18C70 from it and it should be in NTSC format now.
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fade2black001 I mean from NTSC Format to PAL format

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