Need Help Please :)
So, originally, I was using motioninjoy (I have now seen the error of my ways) and for some reason the controller my brother has got this weird thing where the controller would function properly if using ds1, ds2 or ds3 which was all well and good, but he wanted it for fallout so we needed xbox 360 controller emulation and when we tried this the right analog stick would get 'stuck' to the left even when in reality it was in the normal position or pushed to the right and the x value for the right stick was stuck at -32767, causing you to turn in circles constantly when trying to use the controller. So the problem was quite obvious, then i heard about Scarlet Crush and figured it might have just been because of the fact that motioninjoy is really glitchy, but the problem is persisting, both on my brother's computer, which is running 64 bit windows 8 and mine is running 32 bit windows 7. So i tried going back to motioninjoy and binding keys and mouse buttons and movements to the controller, but all it did was force the mouse to the left. So now I am back to Scarlet Crush (and I apologise for the long story) and wondering does anybody know how to fix this, maybe by adding 32767 to the input or something so that it can function as an xbox controller normally? Thanks. (my ps3 controller works normally besides the fact that when emulating an xbox controller it will act like the right analog stick is stuck to the left)

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le bump Smile
Better to post u'r problem in scarlet.crush's DS2,DS3 thread in this section
u'll surely get help from there Wink
yeah hopefully Smile will do

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