Need Help Understanding How to Use Celsius (1.5.1)
Hello, this is in regards to the FFX-2 save file editor made by Scarlet.Crush.

I'm not sure if it's just me not getting it but I'm failing to understand WHY Celsius will not open the memcard that comes from the PCSX2, like I have not seen a very clear instruction on what you're suppose to do from the thread where Celsius is. I didn't wanna bother posting on there because that thread is so dead and it sucks honestly, like I wanna use it fully but it just looks like it was just left for dead.

So if anybody can just explain what am I suppose to do to get this thing to work, that be great! Also, does the save file have to be BESLES? I did a test of exporting my save file from the memcard and into the sample memcard, saw that it wasn't recognizing my save file on there. I thought this program would open any save file from whatever version FFX-2 it comes from, but maybe the person who programmed it didn't go far with it? Idk.

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I take it nobody knows either? I was hoping there was someone who knows how this works... well I wouldn't be surprise if this program failed to be useful.

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