Need Help about the Graphics / Speed
The Emulator is working, but the Graphics are bad and sometimes the Speed is changing.
The Configuration Guide not really helped me...

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PC specs would be very helpful, as would pictures of your configuration. The EE is running at 100% which implies that your CPU is being pushed as far as it can. You can try turning clamping to none, and possibly using SuperVU (though microVU is as fast if not faster in most cases anymore), but that will only net a few more fps at most if you are already using a lot of speed hacks.
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Hey you want to have good graphics or good speed or both!

For Speed :

Set Clamp to None!, and Round Mode to nearest! These both will give a huge boost in performance and should not cause any problems!Also you may use some speedhacks!Well, your EE is very high! Turn off your background processes beforce running PCSX2. That might help.

For Graphics:

Increase your DirectX Resolution!(Don't use Native Resolution)Check if you have the Texture Filter ON(Not in Direct3d 10)

Well, increase in Graphics Quality may decrease in Speed and vice versa! Tongue2
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Quote:These both will give a huge boost in performance

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These both will give 5 fps more
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CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
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GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
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