Need Help adjusting parabolic linearity? for R2 and L2. DS4
I have a ds4 and im using ds4windows. amazing program. it has all the fancy tools but i dont see anything to make the r2-l2 buttons have parabolic linearity. 

For example: *in reality* Trigger pushed: %50  acceleration: %50
               *what i want* Trigger pushed: %50  acceleration: %25

The only game i saw that has this is beamNG. Ets2 doesnt have it so i thought it would be a good idea for ds4windows to have it. 

The reason i want this is: r2-l2 when compared to a real brake pedal, their travel distance is much shorter and the buttons are much ligher. When u expect to push the button %10, you end up pushing %40. And thats why we need to have option for parabolic linearity. (It has to be adjustable obviously).

In beamNG, linearity=1 means a straight line, button pressed=affect in game. But i use linearity=2.5 that is something like %50button press=%20 affect in game.

Im sure it must be doable, its really kills the immersion when you want to brake softly and end up slowing like there is a crash ahead, and this isnt fixible simply by lowering the sensitivity as i want to keep maximum braking force same.

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