Need Help for a game!!!
Hi guys,i have gotten FFX and FFX2 in FULL working speed but for MGS2/MGS3(Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3) thats a whole differnet story...its slower..playable..but slower,the lowest i gotten was 40fps,has anyone gotten it to full speed and also,snake has geomatry missing,like he is invinceable in the rain but in light he is kinda visable but some geomatry is missing,like you can see through him sometimes on some walls....PLEASE HELP

Quad Core Q9550
1000Mhz Ram
GTX 275

no speed hacks enabled,i checked them as well before and it still doesnt improve much,only like 5 frames or even 2...depends where....please help!!!

EDIT: i am using the latest plugins of GSDX

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MGS3 has glitches, deal with it, I haven't been bested by the gemetry yet, I've just beaten "The Fear" (yes, seconds ago)
lol i dont mind glitches as long as i can pass it lol Wink mgs2 is the gemetry thing..snake and raiden are missing some parts but im used to it now....hmm the fear....seems ur far in the game which is good
I had to use an old DEV build, but I'm there ya. mgs2 keeps locking up on me Angry (I mean my ENTIRE pc)

must say MGS3 thourally impresses me though, making you stop playing for a while and "sleep" is an interesting concept (thanks pcsx2 team for making the PS2 recognize the actual PC clock, without that the game would be unplayable)
ohh,well at least u may be able to pass it,it does? hmm thats wierd...
haven't tried 2 on the older build yet, but the new one locks it up.

and 3 has a timer in it, after a while you lose stamina like crazy (in like 2 seconds) so you HAVE to stop playing and "rest" but I've only had to do that twice so far. I'm on one of those "rest" moments now
ohhh wow thats wierd lol

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