Need Help with Memcard
I always get this

"Failed Loading Memory Card From File:Memcards/Mcd001.Ps2"
for MeMcard 1
"Failed Loading Memory Card From File:Memcards/Mcd002.Ps2"
for Memcard 2

what can I do to fix this ?
when I configer the Memcard what should I right ?

I went to pcsx2 guide coundn't find anything

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Just delete the text line in the .ini file
there was never anything in the ".ini" file
have you already formatted them?
Is the path to them correct?
Is PCSX2 installed in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86)?

Make sure the answers for the two firsts are "Yes"
if they are yes and the problem is still there, make sure the answer for the last question is "NO".
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Also try placing a pcsx2 folder in the documents folder that worked for me and you might wanna try re-selecting them in the memcards menu
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