Need Help with codebreaker.....
Ive been searching around the net on how to use cheats on pcsx2 and i have found one at youtube so i downloaded this codebreaker... I followed every instructions listed and when i got to the part to press escape, change the the disc to the real game and press Run then execute, it wont show anything but the background of windows aero like its empty. Im running this on a wondows vista 64bit ultimate, but when i tried to run this on my second O.S xp prof it has no problem when i press execute. I really like to play this on my vista. Anybody knows what do? Help really appreciated. Biggrin

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Well I can tell you that Vista is VERY bad for games.XP is far better.
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I have everything...
first, get 0.98

Now you just need to run the codebreaker image (the same as it was a PS2 game)
Once it starts, navigate it and find the game you want to cheat, activate the cheats you want and press "start" on your gamepad until returning to the main screen. On the "Start game" it will ask you to change the discs. Do it (on PCSX2 which is just selecting the actual game ISO) making sure to "Swap discs" and not restart. At this point click the message from codebreaker which is yet on the screen (button X for Continue) and it will start the game itself.

Do not use sstate since this would remove codebreaker from the memory... load from the memcard...

That is all folks... play the game, good luck.

PS: At no point click the "Esc" key... just keep everything opened and click the desired window with the mouse to bring it to focus.
The "swap discs" thingy is the exact same procedure for games with multiple discs...

That whole procedure is harder to explain than to actually do... once you get the gist of it, it is really simple.
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