Need Help with directX and GsDx
Hi.. i got a problem with the Graphic pluggins...
it said that i need to download the latest directx...
but i already have the latest directx which is directX 10 i believe...

My PC spec is
256 intel graphic card
2gb RAM
2.0 ghz core 2 duo processor
and i have directX 10

anyone can help me?

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Both DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 have been getting almost bi-monthly updates for a while, just follow the link GSdx links you to and you'll be fine and in case it doesnt work just google for "directx runtime march 2009" and you'll be ok. There's also DirectX 11 nowadays btw Tongue2
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Your graphic card doesn't include support for Dx10, so I'd say stick with Dx9, and also even if Windows Vista or 7 says it has Dx10 you still need to download and install Dx9 as you don't have all the necessary files.
I just searched the whole forum for "DirectX" and got pleanty of results.

Few examples

why couldnt you do that? closing.
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