Need Idea for Video (GS) setting FFX-2
Someone can help me setting that Video (GS) for FFX-2....because when CGI play at the early game got can see at that photo....

Sorry....i still new about psx2....maybe this was stupid question for you all....Wacko

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Get pcsx2 : PCSX2 SVN

Use Custom Resolution such as 1280x900, 1280x1024. or 1024x1024. Other settings at default will work fine.

Whats your GSDX Settings?

Only there might be problems during cutscenes. Press F9 to go into Software Mode for that time. Smile
and run it in software mode, u might have to press F5 a couple of times, to get the shaking away, but with my hardware I was able to play the movies with the resolution of 1920*1080 and around 55 fps, it's still not perfect 60 fps, but atleast no soundlag Smile
Thank you...that problem has solve.... :)

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