Need Of Help !!!
Hello, On windows XP pcsx2 worked ok (laggy but ok), now I got better pc, stronger and all, installed pcsx2 with DBZ game and worked much better no lag or anything, now I had to reinstall my pc(cause of other problems) And I can configure Lily Pad on PCSX2, the problem is when I enter D-Pad and then Analog Stick, The Analog stick eats the D-pad settings that I entered or the opposite, the same thing happens with Right analog stick and square,triangle,circle,or cross.
What should I do to fix it ? I tried even the older versions of the pcsx2.
PS. Im On windows 7 ultimate 64bit. now!

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I suspect you've pressed the mode or analog button on your controller in which case the digital and analog pad do the same thing. Press the mode/analog button again and you should be fine Check it out in the controller settings under Devices and Printers (just right click on the controller and choose game controller settings to make sure its the controller and PCSX2.
WOW ,Thank you, i can't believe i havent tried just switching MODE button on, actally i didnt even knew what it ment Laugh

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