Need Some Help with making an intro skipping patch please
for "we love katamari", i've read the guide on making a .pnach and tried it but it didn't work, spit out some red text in the command window and i'm not sure what i've done wrong but the intro movie still plays and hangs the game, i'm not sure how but when i had this problem with the first game in the series i got around it, i'm guessing pressing start or X skipped the video cause i didn't have to make a .pnach for that one, but whatever i did for that one won't work for this one.

i'm guessing it's something i did in the first line of the .pnach : i'm not sure what i'm supposed to replace "YOUR GAME NAME" with in my case, i'm running it from a .iso i ripped to my computer and mounted via DT, do i copy/paste the name of the .iso and put that in to replace "YOUR GAME NAME" or just "we love katamari"? or what? i'm so confused on that.

i'm also wondering if was skipping the intros by pushing buttons just not allowed for the sequel maybe?
it could also be my joypad too i've been guessing, windows update installed an update for it, but it didn't ask me to reboot, so maybe it'll let me skip them by the buttons after i reboot my computer, or unplug and re-plug the joypad, but i doubt that's it, which is why i haven't tried it yet.

as a sidenote, the latest release of pcsx2 will play katamari damacy start to finish, it still has that graphical issue where walls and objects incorrectly get in the way of your vision a LOT though, but it's hardly noticable in the outside levels, plays at decent speed on my computer too for the most part but does slow down a bit from time to time, so "YAY" katamari damacy is finishable (the US version), but only if you can ignore the occasional graphics glitches. Smile

i'm still not 100% sure on how you select which .pnach to use with a game either, does it just load any that matches the CRC number automatically with them enabled?


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For a long time pcsx2 has a build in patch creator and skip video patch finder.Just start the game and as long as the crc shows on the cmd window press Esc=>Misc=>Patch Browser=>click on the Skip MPEG button and when/if pcsx2 find the address click on the pnach Writer button,place the game name and comment if you want,save and reset the pcsx2

I don't know is the patch will actually work because for example on Atelier Iris 3 when I create patch for that the movies are still playing(using the original method to create skip video patch with ps2dis or use pcsx2 to find the patch for you it's the same)
alright thanks, if anyone can else can think of a way to get past the opening movie (or press start screen, god i hope that's not what that was lol), like a save state past it or anything else i should try let me know please.

i didn't think to mention it before, but i seem to recall seeing somewhere on this forum that the NTSC region encoded versions usually fair slightly better for this, i tried making an .iso of a friend's imported PAL version (pro action replay is for cheats my ass lol), i suppose i'll go to a gamestore tomorrow and see if i can get my hands on it's NTSC counterpart, question is, should i expect any better results?
Yes when there is a pnach file in the patches folder with the same CRC as the game you are running,and patches are enabled, the emulator will automatically load the patch.
In game name you can put whatever you want,it is of minor importance.
And yes,the game will not let you skip any video
[Image: newsig.jpg]
is there any realistic chance that NTSC encoding vs PAL will help then?

and thanks for the replies Smile
NTSC region encoded version does allow video skipping and works fairly well too surprisingly, framerate isn't as good as the first game, but definetly playable.

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