(Need) Video recording settings suggestion.
Hey everybody.

I've been trying to record some gameplay videos latelly and I noticed something weird.
I set it to record on H.264 (not lossless) 1920X1080p @60fps and use bitrates varying from 6.5Mbps to 10Mbps. (I don't care if the framerate goes dooown to an unplayable state because I record cinematics)
Whatever bitrate I use the resulting video file will stutter or cause the same problems when you try to watch a high bitrate H.264 video on a Low RAM or low Spec pc for no reason, seriously I tried it on many PCs and it would play almost flawlessly to a PC that has like i5 3.26GHz and 8GB of RAM which is insane.
I bet that has to do something with a bad setting combination I use since I see no reason why other videos with like 3+ times the bitrate I watch play flawlessly on my PC and this one doesn't, it just makes no sence.
My target is to record a video file that will use an efficient bitrate to display correctly 1920x1080@60p video with no issues on mostly any PC out there.
Any suggestions?

Thanx in advance.

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Sounds like a player issue rather than an actual video issue..I record at 1920x1080, 60FPS using x264vfw lossless and I can play it back just fine.
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That's the thing, the lossless videos play just fine, the compressed ones work badly, almost like you put them on a device with no hardware acceleration. Pretty like all media players and different PCs result into the same issues, some more some less. The thing is that if I record for example in h.263 the problem is not there but it refuses to record in 60fps (uses 30 fps instead) and h.263 is not such an efficient format as h.264 so technically i would have to sacrify extra bitrate for the same result for no reason. There's something in the default settings of the h.264 encoder that results into way too much video stress that I can't spot, simmilar files (1920x1080@60p 6.5Mbps) play just fine on these players-devices combo. Could it be a bad encoder, how can I update my encoders? It's really a pitty to record a 67GB+ of video file to re-encode it when I'm just simply recording cutscenes and I don't care if the video encoder will take speed from the emulation.
I just had to post this cause it's serious.

I was sure that something fishy was going on with those ffdshow encoders, it wasnt my imagination and I was proven correct.

For anyone using ffdshow for video encoding from builds that still have the h264,x264,xvid etc options on the encoder, stop using them.
1.They are VERY outdated.
2.They are SUPER buggy.
3.Lossless formats are not lossless because of various bugs.

Current ffdshow builds discontinued ALL those formats in their encoder section because of the above reasons leaving just a couple that they managed to fix them (mostly the lossless formats that weren't lossless in reality in the past builds) meaning that what you were getting from those previous builds is trash.

ffdshow team has already advised people to move on different encoders for those formats, like, for x264 they should use vfwx264 etc.

Tried to use vfwx264 and so far it doesnt wrong though. Damn, I really don't want to use a lossless format and then re-encode it, there's just no reason to do it. Sad
So use a lossy setting with vfwx264? Tongue
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(06-25-2012, 03:36 PM)Bositman Wrote: So use a lossy setting with vfwx264? Tongue

No get a different encoder for whatever your needs, so if you want to encode in (real) lossless update ffdshow to latest build.

Also, so far I had no luck with vfwx264. It prodecess files that are empty.
I wish it was simplier.

Wait, just noticed, you mean ffdshow's vfw x264 or the saperate one?
The old ffdshow one produced lossy videos and now its removed and the vfwx264 (saperate) for some reason it refuses to encode videos properly(the length of the video is correct but i see no image)

EDIT: Multipass was causing the video to be badly encoded now it works, I'm gonna try to find a way to make everything work.
Just keep what I said above for the ffdshow encoder.
No i mean this: http://sourceforge.net/projects/x264vfw/
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If all else fails just use HyperCam 2 XD helped me upload tutorials on youtube.
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