Need a PS2 Save builder
I need a PS2 save builder.
I do not trust content downloaded from random websites...
I checked but VirusTotal tells me its malicious. I dont think I'm brave enough to download it...

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The ps2 save builder I use since... years ago matches the md5 for the exe and the dll written on the page you posted.

Maybe zophar domain hosts this program too.
Taken from their page:

Quote:We’ve been the home for Ps2 Save Builder for over 12 years and recently we’ve been made aware that some antivirus scanners are detecting Ps2 Save Builder as being dangerous or containing a virus.

The great folks over at Trend Micro took a deeper look at what was causing this and I’m happy to confirm that if you’ve downloaded Ps2 Save Builder from this site then it is safe to use.
The executable file utilises a technique called ‘packing’, viruses use this to disguise their true nature, and this is setting off a few AV products causing them to detect it as malicious.

Use the SHA256 hashes below to ensure you have a safe version of PS2 Save Builder: bb4c39e392284e31bbbb89d610605b254a77724922353980829ba9a463a44768
ps2save-builder.exe: 2b4a12a28309d51d6ba30d420792a41ae2de0c7a758e5d2249deae4a5959793a
PropTree.dll: 87fcd461891664d7f2786eb8bed0d988e8a7a1f7b4caabb3a29b8a6fc66c767b
[how to check SHA256]

If you downloaded PS2 Save Builder from any other site make sure you confirm that the hashes match exactly, if you have any doubt download again from here. If the hashes match exactly and your AV program still detects the files as dangerous please follow the products procedures for submitting a false positive result.

Assuming you're using the file obtained from, it's perfectly safe to use, and what you're seeing are false positives.

I use the same tool and it never gave me problems in the years that I've had it.
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Ok thanks. I'm still not 100% sure that it is safe, but I will take a risk

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It is saf
e(at least from that site)
Even if you download pcsx2 from here and then use same packer to compress the exe(by using upx for example),some antivirus software will say that pcsx2 contains a virus

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