Need a guide of config
Hello everyone i want a guide of best config to play Odin Sphere, Star Ocean 3 and Persona 4
i use pcsx2 1.4.0
My PC:
Intel core i5-4210U 1.70Ghz
Ram 6gb
Intel HD graphic family and GTM750

Thank u so much !

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You won't be playing Star Ocean 3 on that for sure. Like I told you regarding VP2 it's too weak. You might get away with running Persona 4 on it. Unsure about Odin Sphere.

Anyway there is no "Best config" but for your machine I'd recommend something like mostly default settings, 2x internal resolution, possibly EE speedhack on 33% for P4.
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I thought Odin Sphere was a pretty demanding game if I remember right. Even on the actual PS2 it suffered from slowdowns, so you'd essentially need that new EE hack as well to improve things, which would in turn cause the requirements of the computer to be higher again as well.
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