Need a little help...
Hi everyone.

I can't seem to be able to play any PS2 Games at normal speed, even though theoretically I should be able to.

My specs are:
Windows 7 64-bit
Athlon FX60 @2.73ghz
3gb DDR400
Geforce GTX 465 @732mhz(GPU)/3848mhz(RAM)

So basically, my GPU is last gen mid range, and my CPU well, was like a 1000€ 2006, and is comparable at best to the early Core Duos.
Still, I'm pretty sure I saw people on youtube with a worse setup achieving full speed in most games.

I've tried all three Tekken games, FF12, GTA VCS, Code Veronica and none of them game satisfying result even on internal resolution settings.
I've read the tutorial and with the reccomended settings I couldn't achieve anything playable.
What bug me is that there seem to be no difference in framerate from when I set the internal res to 4x and when it was on native, I have a feeling I'm missing something stupid and I can't pinpoint it.
I've tried both the latest official release and the new beta although right now only the beta is installed on my computer.

Also if it's any indication my Windows Performance Index are:
5.9 for CPU and RAM
7.3 for Graphics

If anyone can give me some imput I'd be very grateful.

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PCSX2 is much more demanding on the CPU than the GPU, that's your problem.

PS: strange measurement for your GPU, here it points 7.4 and 6.8 respectively for CPU and GPU (nvidia 9600GT), what points clearly the CPU is bottlenecking your video card.

Edited the GPU lecture, the former 7.5 was for the RAM

Although the raw flops is relatively high (for AMD Phenom the ideal is 3.0+GHz) the Athlon is an old architecture that lacks many improvements the phenom and specially the phenom II brought. Raw clocks can't be taken for reliable measure of performance, that's what explain the i7 outperforms the phenom by large at same clock and phenom outperform athlon in the same situation.
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yeah,your cpu is the bottleneck there,you have to either buy a new one or try to overclock it at least to 3.5 GHZ
[Image: 2ymccqu.jpg]
[Image: 17715.png]
Yeah, I'm sorry but it is your CPU that is the bottleneck. You can mention here what your motherboard is and I can try to find you a CPU that you can buy so you can update your computer.

Based on what I can tell right now though, if your motherboard only supports Socket 939 (which is what your FX-60 processor is), then that means that you have maxed out what your motherboard is capable of. At this point, you would have to buy both a new motherboard and a new CPU. If you do your research well, you can get a great CPU + motherboard combo for 300 dollars cheap and not bottleneck your GPU as badly. Like the combo below

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