Need a solution if you can help.
I just recently started using this program, and so far i have only played kingdom hearts on it witch runs fine. I just recently tried to play metal gear solid 3 and for some reason the game seems to be normal at some points but then laggy and slowed down at others, this happens the most when a new area is entered. I believe my computer can handle this game but i may be wrong these are my specs.

(Intel core 2 Duo)
(4GB Ram)
(windows 7)
(GeForce 9800 GTX+)

my plugins for PCSX2 are
(graphics) GSDX 10
SPU2-x (sound)
(cdvd) Linuz Iso CDVD
i don't think listing the others matters.

I have tried configuring the graphics setting but the ones they are on generally work the best i still get lag mostly at cut scenes and when a new area is entered like i said above. The game runs at 60FPS and at 100% when something is happening. Im stumped to what the problem is so if anyone can help me out and give me some advice it would be welcome.


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MGS3 is extremely demanding. you will need a dual core clocked @ 4.0 Ghz to get constant full speed.
What is your CPU clockspeed ?
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Since the CPU is from a somewhat old architecture by now and was not told it's raw clock, I suppose the speed hacks are high, the symptom there is common with VU cycle stealing 2 or above.

The reason is in the very name of the hack, to achieve higher FPS, VU gets several cycles stolen, although this can indeed enhance the FPS it may make things to move slower, hence the lag.

The solution would be reducing that hack but then the actual FPS may fall badly what is worsen yet. So the only real solution is to improve the hardware performance in these cases. Or by overclocking or by CPU upgrade.

Notice each PS2 game has its own demands and requisites, very like PC native games themselves... to make the picture uglier, some games might work nicely with the speedhacks where other can break badly or perform poorly.
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i see OK i figured it was something with me having old hardware, gives me an excuse to upgrade my ***** thanks.

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