Need advice for GPU upgrade
Hello all, this is my first post here. I have a G3258 and Radeon HD 5770 graphics card in my desktop. I can run games at 2-4x resolution and they look good. But when I try running them at 8-16x resolution, the emulation speed slows to a crawl. Also, the fan on my 5770 is hella loud, I'm not sure if it's defective or what but I can hear it through my headphones.

What's the cheapest GPU option I can buy to get 8x resolution at 90% speed? Any tips or advice on picking up a cheap GPU? Could something like a 560 Ti or 660 work? Thanks!

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8x-16x is just useless for current monitors. For Example *While the native resolution varies from game to game (very few games actually run at 640x480, the ideal PS2 res), 4x upscaling is almost always higher than 1080p. For example, FF12's native resolution is 512x448, and upscaled 4 times it becomes 2048x1792* Meaning 16x is just asking for an insanely higher resolution that's going to eat a TON of VRAM. So yeah theya re just there for the future and since they were easy to add. They are worthless as options now tho since nothing has that high of native resolution.

4096x3584 is what 8x Final Fantasy 12 is for example meaning its higher then 4k. so anything higher is just a waste of resources to be honest
I would agree with Topken that trying to go that high is pointless. That being said if you still want to replace it I don't know where you could even buy those earlier generation GPUs, I found one 650 and it is priced at about 120$. AT that rate you could get a new 1050 for essentially the same price. Unless you are getting one somewhere drastically cheaper than that, I would look into a newer generation card.
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