Need assistance from u experts
I downloded PCSX2 9.6,I got bios,I got all the plug-ins,I downloaded DVD-decryptor and games dont run.I got a E7400 @3.6Ghz,4GB of ddr2,Win vista 32 and Win7 64 and a GTS250.I tried God of War,Metal Gear solid 2,Gran tourismo 4 and Dragonball Budokai 3 and none worked.Dragonball worked fine but as soon as a fight started it flickered like crazy,it was PAL though so im sure that was the issue,but it still doesnt work for other games.What the **** do i do,lol,help guys.I know there thousands of **** asking the same **** everyday,but i spend alotta guap and time on my pc to play this **** and i cant get it to work.

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ive edited your post, if i catch you trying to bypass the word censor again i won't be as lenient. It is there for a reason, don't abuse it.
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Maybe posting your configuration would help us help you better and faster? Otherwise all we can do is speculate in the matter.

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