Need checksum confirmations
As seen in PCSX2 Wiki (CRC32):
  • Final Fantasy X (NTSC-U, SLUS 20312): BB3D833A
  • Final Fantasy X-2 (NTSC-U, SLUS 20672): 48FE0C71
But here are my checksums of these games:
  • Final Fantasy X (NTSC-U, SLUS 20312):
    • CRC32: 9AD80720
    • MD5: 57998B60010B7583C423D5B2142AD1A3
    • SHA-1: 42AB110B759E600365B99612E76CF51EF3E95901
  • Final Fantasy X-2 (NTSC-U, SLUS 20672):
    • CRC32: 874B3062
    • MD5: 6F6E0FAFECDBDD231C7178E39AC476B2
    • SHA-1: CDEDBA9EBB6B02EC2B473305BEDF8EB036019413
I have the exactly the same versions, both are NTSC-U and are SLUS 20312 and SLUS 20672 respectively. And I have played both games without any problem on my real PS2. I also played one third of FFX and one tenth of FFX-2 on PCSX2 without problems too. How can it be? The two ISOs were dumped directly from the discs using Alcohol 120%. In fact whatever software you use (except for some crappy ones) and whatever format you select, ISO or MDF, the disc image file is always the same and has the same checksum -- a MDF file can be safely renamed to ISO and vice-versa.

So it is either my ISOs or PCSX2 Wiki's which are wrong. Can anyone help me confirm this?

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