Poll: Is there an interest/need for a ps3 controller driver
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No, it had been completely solved.
2 33.33%
The problem has been solved, but not effectively. (Requires work arounds/ not very compatible)
2 33.33%
Yes, there isnt a complete solution to using a ps3 controller in a pc.
2 33.33%
Total 6 vote(s) 100%
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Need for a PS3 Driver/Controller

I haven't used an emulator in awhile, but when I last did, it seemed like the most popular ps3 controller driver was motioninjoy. I never felt comfortable with motioninjoy, so when I was getting back into emulation, I was thinking I would write a driver for my PS3 controller.

I haven't kept up with things lately, however, and wanted to see if the problem had already been fixed by someone else and if there is any need/interest for a PS3 controller driver.


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