Need help.
Hello all, I am new to this thread but have been a reader for a very long time.

I have read the (can i run pcsx2 fast on my computer) thread and saw the i was either going to be good for running or more than capable.

I am just horrible and am torn on configuring pcsx2. Any help on helping configure my pcsx2 I would be eternally grateful. I just want to play Narutimate Accel 2! Biggrin

i have an hp p6130y
AMD Phenom 9750 Quadcore 2.40GHz
8GB Ram
Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit
and my video is integrated Nvidia Geforce 9100

Thanks again.

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Ouuuuuuuuuuch your GPU is very weak, that might be what is holding you back.

If you can, I would seriously look in to getting either an 8800 or 9800. You can get them for pretty darn cheap these days and it will handle all your PCSX2 needs, GPU-wise.
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So I just need a new video card? I knew the on board wouldn't do me any good...
Yeah you do..that onboard 9100 will prevent you from playing any PC game properly too and that quadcore would go to waste. If you're on a tight budget grab a 8800 GT/GTS which should be pretty cheap by now and does the job for most games Wink
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Thanks so much for the help guys. I'll probably be getting an 8800 but i'll try squeezing some cash to get the 9800. Thanks again for the support guys=)
Yep, I can personally vouch for the 9800GTX+. Great card!
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Seconded, I can also find it at ~100 euro atm which is a great price to performance ratio
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8800 is not much worth buying these days, i would also go for 9800gtx+ /gts 250 (its the same)
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Alright guys after tinkering around with the settings I improved my fps from 30-35 to about 50 so i was happy to be playing at 85 percent=)

I was going to ask another question for anyone that can help aswell. I've read up alot online and found that the onboard nvidia i have is pretty horrible. I was just going to ask if I have a Nvidia 7600 gt will that do better than my current onboard? Thanks again.
The 7600gt is good enough if you want to play with "native" most of the time (some games will run fine with normal resolution tho), however it lacks DX10 support so it might fall behind on some games but yeah I'd say it's much better than that you have right now.
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