Need help :(
please help.. im just new here..
i cant seem to make this thing work Sad
im trying to run Crash Bandicoot : WoC

here are some screen shots..
[Image: 1.jpg]

[Image: 2.jpg]

[Image: 3.jpg]

what should i do?

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well, your cpu is barely meeting the minimum requirement of pcsx2, and the "invalid ps 2.0" errors might indicate that your gpu doesn't even accomplish that. do you know the exact model name of your gpu?
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sorry for the lack of info..
im just new at this tech stuff Sad

i think my GPU is Radeon 9600 series.
cant i realy play this emulator with my crappy CPU? Sad
i am afraid you cant ,, radeon 9600 is very old card and ps2 emu is very demanding
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you could try an old version of the plugins... that is, if you gpu supports some kind of pixel shader 6-6
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thanks for the answers guys Laugh
i got it to work now..

i tried running suikoden III , but it runs so slow... Sad
about 30fps.. anyway ill just try and figure out how to make this game run faster Laugh

thanks again
Try using EE x3 cycle rate this helps me alot with suikoden III, but with your pc i don't know if it will help enough to make a diference.
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