Need help !!! BT 3 :)
I play with emulator dragon ball infinitive world and its ok just movies are blinking, but the problem is that when i tried budokai tenkaichi 3, game starts nice but when i trie to play a fight its start blinking.
Maybe my pc isnt powerfull enough or i set wrong grahics ?
PLZ HELP ME ! [Image: sys.png]

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I think i post it in the wrong forum, plz move it to the right one and sorry for disturbing
a good start would be to browse the general support forum for all the other dragon ball games' threads, perhaps you'll find the answer there.
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for blinking issues try my GSdx 0.1.5 and setting (see below)
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thx tallbender helped, but grathics are pixel Smile
just change interlacing with F5, see if one of the modes stop it, try the latest beta plugins too

edit: as a matter of fact, try the latest beta release. one of my mates also had an intel and his screen flickered too, even with interlacing. solved the problem this weekend for him. well it wasnt really solving, but we OCed his cpu from 2.2 GHz to 3.0 GHz and that seemed to stop the flickering. madness

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