Need help !!! Game is not detecting memory card.
I need help because Naruto Shippuuden: Narutimate Accel 2 (or just: Narutimate Accel 2) is not detecting PCSX2 memory card. It says that there is no memory card inserted. Please help me because I cannot save even settings. Sad Sad Sad

PS: Sorry for my bad English.

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did you format it?
I don't know if this is the case but if you used save from Gamefaq,there are some broken saves for that game.
I have used .cbs save and used the tutorial: GameFAQs saves to PCSX2 or something and when I go into the bios it displays that save as correct and working. I have downloaded formatted memcard.


I know that I have did everything correct, I am not stupid. GAME IS NOT DETECTING MEMORY CARD !!!
The Memcard must have the .PS2 Format.
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Maxord Wrote:I know that I have did everything correct, I am not stupid. GAME IS NOT DETECTING MEMORY CARD !!!

I just made a suggestion since there are broken(the ROOT/ID is incorrect and in that way there is no way to load the save even if you see in the browser)
Oh, sorry. I do not know that. On GameFAQs there are 2 saves with the same ROOT/ID in .cbs format. Here is their ROOT/ID: BISLPS-25837NARUTO5

And game is not detecting MEMORY CARD not save. When I go to Memory Browser in bios, there is that save and CORRUPTED DATA but that data is settings of game I think. That files are: data01, data02, data03, data04. There is also 2 icon files: icon.sys,, but they are needed to display icon in Memory Browser in bios.
I must double post for being sure that everybody will understand. GAME IS NOT DETECTING MEMORY CARD, not save. MEMORY CARD IS NOT DETECTED BY G-A-M-E.
(04-10-2009, 07:42 PM)Maxord Wrote: GAME IS NOT DETECTING MEMORY CARD, not save.
save is the same thing as Memory Card for the ps2. Smile (so it doesn't matter how you say it, just to not confuse with savestates Tongue)
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Ok, and I have question. How to use savestates ? When I select my naruto save it says that it is incompatible with this pcsx2 version (I have got 0.9.6 beta 872)
Please help me with that.
It is in .cbs format. (Codebreaker Save)

I am using SCPH-10000 bios because I can't find other in the internet. (Yes, I downloaded it. I will not spend so much cash on buying japanese ps2 for only bios.)
And one thing more. I must explain it. Memory Card IS WORKING. Save IS NOT WORKING. NOW YOU UNDERSTAND ???

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