Need help ZeroGS coding.
As someone of you know, ZeroGS have transparency problem at some games, as SMT:Nocturne, SMTLaughigital Devil Saga 1 & 2 and some others. That trouble is occurred with depth targeting for PSMT32Z type textures, and it could be solve by disabling depth updates for this textures (in targets.cpp function ZeroGS::CDepthTarget::Update), but then shadow become overlapping person figurine (I think at recent GSDX there is same picture, but shadow made more correctly, so it's more eye candy).

The trouble is that I could not reverse a depth target order correctly, so all I could -- do a weird hack. Maybe someone more clever than me could check this issue and made some hints? I don't want to propose a patch before proper problem solution.

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Use gsdx for nocture it's much better. The only problem with gsdx in the game is that hour shadow will sometimes over lap your feet.
It is impossible. For unknown reason (joke) Gabest does not use portable open-source graphic API, rather proprietary closed source one.
Ahh you're on linux aren't you?
(02-07-2009, 09:02 AM)dralor Wrote: Ahh you're on linux aren't you?
No, he is a developer.
Zeydlitz is not one of the developers...

... though his patches are interesting quite often XD

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