Need help configuring stuff permanently.
Uh... hello fellow PCSX users! I am a new member here. How are all of y'all doing? I recently downloaded PCSX2 and recently started to use it.
I am new to how it works and it's fine. Runs smooth, 50 fps.

I wanted to ask, how can I stop repeating the setup?
Everytime I click the .exe file, it sets me back to the setup and I need to re-configure everything, including bios' and controls. I wanted to ask this specifically.

1. How do I stop setup every time I start up?
2. How can I have the controller binds set up permanently so I don't have to re-configure every button every time I use it.
My save files are also gone. So, I have to replay aswell.

I hope you can anwser me and respond back soon!
~Best regards, Soner.

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run as admin. or put a portable.ini in the pcsx2 folder

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