Need help for PAD PS4 Dualshock

Before going further in this help thread, I want to apologize about my english which isn't very good and so can lead to misunderstanding.

So I'm a user that recently downloaded PCSX2 and everything went find until the configuration of the PAD, I have a PS4 dualshock which I plugged in my PC with the USB device. Everything went fine until here, there was a window about the plug-in needed installing.

But I'm a bit lost in PCSX2, I don't know what should I choose to configurate, my Dualshock doesn't seem to be recognized by the PC, or maybe it is but I don't know how to fix the settings for it to work.

So can someone please write things that I should do after that I have plugged my dualshock ? 

Thank you very much

PS : Sorry it this forum section isn't the right one

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Use the configure option under the lilypad plugin, select the second tab (should say "pad 1" I believe) and press each button to assign them each to the corresponding keys in the gui. See if that works
Solved, thank you very much !

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