Need help getting D3Doverrider to work on PCSX2 in DX11
I found that DX11 can be enabled in d3doverrider by adding strings in the global profile to enable it.  This way D3D11 games don't insta-crash with D3DOverrider enabled.

However with PCSX2 while the emulator now doesn't insta-crash, I get a failed chime whenever launching any game with the DX11 video plugin.  I get succesful D3DOverrider activation with the D3D9  video plugin, but The D3D9 plugin always gives me more visual glitching.

Is there any way to get D3Doverrider so succesfully apply in D3D11 mode?  I have it not crashing on startup, which is a step in the right direction, but I am at a loss at where to go next so I am farming this out to someone else.
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