Need help getting SMT:N to work
My first time using this program also, List of errors

When I first boot it up and set configs, It will always say
"Could not load GS plugins <null>

the 2nd time I click it, it will always be done configuring.

Afterwards, When I click on Run file.
I'll get these errors
Failed to load memory card file: memcard/Mcd001.PS2( 002)

And then the screen loads, and it says

Failed in creating master voice 0X12EF80

And another error
_cdvdopenNVM: error in creating bios

And then it crashes

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Try running as admin (right click) or moving the pcsx2 folder to a folder you have rights to, like your Documents one. For the gsnull problem get the first 2 things in this thread install em and try again:
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