Need help in settings
I've read the guide and faq. But advices given there don't work. So... I'm asking for help here.
I use Windows 7 Pro x64. And the problem is emulator can not save settings. When i press ok button error message box appears.

"Unable to save settings. Make sure the disk is not full or write protected, the file isn't write protected, and that the app has permissions to write to the directory. On Vista, try running in administration mode"

The disk is surely not full (new pc - just a few GBs from 1Tb) and it's definitely is not write protected. But i tried to install pcsx2 to other drive (external HDD) - same problem. There is only one user on this PC with the admin privileges. But i tried 'Run as administrator' option in .exe file... nothing changed at all...

Can anybody help me?

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disable UAC and see if the problem still persists
it was disabled
try reinstalling it then
I've read in another post to make sure never to install it in %Program Files% Folder to make sure u won't get any privileges issues. So try to install it to another location then program files. I thought installing it in My Documents should work if u don't have a 2nd partition to install to. Since My Documents don't have any privileges/security or atleast lower.
have already reinstaled it 3 times...
and as i said i've read the guide and tried to install emulator to another folder (My Documents etc)...
If it's not greyed out u could try the Data Prevention Setting. Right Click on my Computer > Properties > Advanced System Settings > Performance > Data Execution Prevention Tab > Add the Executeable.
hmm... interesting. when i added exe to list system message appears saying: "This program must run with DEP. There is no possibility to disable DEP for this application" I can't copy the message exactly because i use local version of Win (you can see - english is not my native)...

maybe it's because DEP supported by CPU on hardware level?..

UPD but there is a guy with such CPU and looks like he is ok )
If you changed the installation from the Program Files folder to the Documents folder you may just have made the proverbial jump from the pan toward the fire.

Install games, ANY games (PC natives or otherwise) into a normal folder, something like C:\Games should do the trick. The point is avoiding ALL specially protected folders, what includes but not limited to: Program Files; Program Files (x86); Documents (anything inside the Users folder actually); Desktop (for another reason)...

Now, the problem is the permissions may be already messed by former attempts, so:

Make sure to delete eventual PCSX2 folder inside the Documents (let the game build a fresh one).

Do not just move the actual PCSX2 installation folder, install the new "from scratch" ... if still prefer to move the actual you MUST delete all the already existent ini files there, again let the emulator build fresh ones. And make sure you (as the user) have total access rights to the folder and files inside it (this step is not necessary when installing from the installer because you'll have the correct rights already).

The reason for all that is to avoid previous path-ing, permission and access rights introduced problems.

Once it's done you don't need to run as The Administrator anymore, neither change privileges at all. Actually you Should never need to play any game as The Administrator (although may need so to install the game because it may want to install things in the System folders, but yet and still an administrative account should suffice) .

PS: Here I want to get the attention for a less known possible issues source when giving ownership with full access to the user on a folder. This may prevent the application to perform some special task, like creating temporary files (which is the main reason for issues when running from inside the "Documents" folder").

The reasoning being albeit the application inherits the user's privileges and so it can write in those protected folders, like the Documents, "it's not the user" and so the OS will look at it as a invader when performing anything not directly related to the user. Creating the above mentioned temporary files is still a good example.
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just download the binary file

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