Need help running PCSX2 properly
I have a new (good) computer here and I tried to play Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaishi 3. I've installed the latest PCSX2, got everything that is needed... Still, when I try to run the game it runs slow and with pretty bad graphics!
The videocard has DirectX10 with 512 of memory, Intel Dual Core 2.10Ghz processor, 4Gb of RAM... isn't it enough to run the game fine? FPS were lower than 20 and graphics failed hard.
Please help me, am I using the bad configurations and plugins? Or simply my PC isn't good enough?
Best regards.

P.SLaugho not close this topic and show us the link of an older closed topic, since my questions weren't properly answered there. Also, there is nothing about warez there. Thank you.

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You edited your post the first time but the downloaded bios and game comment was there when I saw it, I also asked you not to open more threads about it yet you did.

There's no point on this anymore, closed.
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