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Need help setting up gamepads. using 360 and ps3 controller
Ok , i can manage to get either one worknig fine, on there own, but when i try to used them at the same time either one of them stops working, or the configurations change. i need a step by step o nhow to set them both up at the same time so i can play vs mode with a friend. I configured the first controller to the ps3, and the second controller to the 360 but still its not working...

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My xbox 360 controller works out of the box. If you have a wireless one it won't work though. Use Lilypad
[Image: newsig.jpg]
see I can get it to work. That not the problem. It's getting both the ps3 and 360 controllers to work at the same time
Oh can't help you there then. So both controllers work individually but when you try to use them simultaneously they don't?
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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