Need help switching ports on wireless ps3 controller.
i've got it all setup and the thing works beautifully but with a slight problem.

my buddy was over a few days ago and he brought his own controller and we synced them up and played without issues.

however, he took mine home by mistake which was synced to port 1 and now when i connect the controller it always ends up in port 2. is there any way to change this? obviously on ps3 it's just a matter of hitting the home button but not so much on pcsx2.

i've tried hitting the reset button on the back of the controller and resyncing but again it ends up in port 2.

any tips?

edit: ok, played around with it some more and found the solution since i could change the position of the controllers via SCP monitor.

funny how the solution presents itself only after you post about the problem >_>

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