Need help to configure PS3 controller
hey I'm having trouble configuring my ps3 controller, I use the ssspsx pad pressure mod 1.7.1 plug-in and I have connected my ps3 controller with motioninjoy gamepad tool. But when I try to configure how the buttons shall work in ssspsx then there appears something different in the text box than what I press. What I mean is when i for example try to set the R2 button then it should say J0_ AXIS2_MIN but instead it says J0_AXIS7_MIN and that happens with all the buttons I try to configure and I do not know What to do to fix it. So please help me. Smile

ps. Sorry for my bad english.

EDIT: I just tried to configure the buttons again now it says J0_AXIS3_MAX eveytime i try to configure a button

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I didn't solve the problem with ssspsx but I tried lilypad instead and it worked like a charm Laugh

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