Need help to making iso for pcsx2?
Hi guys... my pcsx2 running smoothly with ps2 disk game on my cd/dvd drive, the case is : i want to make that ps2 game into iso file so i can run the game faster.

Before : I was thinking about using Virtual CdV9 to convert the disk into virtual cd, but too bad after it my pcsx2 didnt want to read it.

So I thought my only chance just burn it into Iso.file

I had nero to burn it into iso.file, but i didnt know which files should i burn to make it running in pcsx2.

Here the files inside my ps2 disk game(digimon world data squad) :
- DMY1G (1.048.512.KB) 001 File
- FS (1.561.448 KB) Virtual CD Image
- FS.DIR (107 KB) DIR File
- IOPRP300 (272 KB) Virtual CD Image
- OP.PSS (102.161 KB) PSS File
- OP_JP.PSS (108.961 KB) PSS File
- SLUS_215.98 (2.475 KB) 98 File
- SYSTEM (1 KB) SpeedDial

In case i need to burn them from my virtual cd files, here all files after i convert the disk into virtual cd :
- Digimon data squad (1.045.216 KB) 001 File
- Digimon data squad (3 KB) Firefox Document
- Digimon data squad (2 KB) JPEG Image
- Digimon data squad (2 KB) Virtual CD Image
- Digimon data squad.000 (1.800.110 KB) 000 File
- Digimon data squad.VBL (1 KB) VBL File

So, for anyone experienced with this problem, please tell me or teach me which files should i add into my nero to make it worked pcsx2 iso.

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I prefer ImgBurn but if you want Nero then use the option to copy the disk and as a Destination drive,choose Image Recorder.

You are not creation ISO of some special file but the whole disk including his file system and etc.
pcsx2 will do it for you. Just choose EFP as your CDVD plugin and you can tell it to rip your DVD to an iso. It does take a little while but it works perfectly.
thx guys for the answer, it looks like i missed that ELF plugin i'll gonna search it rite away since it goes as the easiest way
the plugin is called "EFP" not "ELF", but i also recommend using imgburn to create the iso file. use linuziso as the cdvd plugin to run the game, make sure you don't mount the image file in an app like deamon tools, alcohol 120%, power iso or virtual cd.
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I need help with making ISO files too.
I downloaded Imgburn and I make the iso file with it.
When I open that iso file from PCSX and run boot (full) it shows me the screen with two memory cards and cd or message to insert proper ps2 cd/dvd.
I tried making iso with Imgburn and with ultraiso and it ends up the same.
Is the problem that the games are not original? They run without problems on PS2 with chip.
are you selecting the iso directly with pcsx2 or are you mounting it with daemontools or something?
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Also try BOOT CDVD (fast)
I'm selecting it directly from PCSX.

Boot (fast) does start them and one is working fine but the other is just standing in menu (that one is called black).

In the meanwhile I downloaded iso for spiderman friend or a foe and when I load that iso everything is fine, even on boot (full). So then I tried burning it to dvd and playing it on ps2 and that is working fine.
Finaly I took that dvd and made iso from it with ImgBurn and that iso results in same problem on loading with pcsx Sad
I don't know what could be wrong here.

What is the difference between booting full and fast ?
Sounds like the iso didnt make right. And please delete the downloaded iso, we won't support pirates here.
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