Need help with FFX
Hi guys, heres my specs

Ati 1900 512mb

intel duel-core duo 3.2

2gig ram

windows xp (service pack 1 sadly, maybe thats the problem hehe)

Now for the problem...
The game runs at id say around 20-40 fps more or less(runs like its in slow-mo mode? is that normal for low computer specs?)...
Im using the GSdx9 as my plugin and cpu is on default, ive enabled speedhacks, SSE1, but when i use FrameSkip or VU Skip i get glitch problems, the screen like flashes and stuff... But it worked on 9.5, but i know it got a makeover on 9.6... any suggestions? Thanks

BTW what other games get pretty good fps on med spec computers?

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sse1? you should be using ssse3 at least with a dual core, and make sure ur running it in native reso.
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