Need help with FFX crashing :(
I have been playing FFX perfectly up till this one part... It's right after you wake up Yuna at the Djose temple, and she comes out, they all make fun of her hair... etc... And then Tidus starts narrating in his mind, and it shows Yuna's face, and then everything goes crazy... I can see polygons being stripped of colors and all these artifacts and stuff, and then PCSX2 stops responding. Not sure what to do, I have changed all the rendering types. Besides that, the game has run fine in DX10 mode, always at 50 FPS.

I have the lastest version of PCSX2, and my system specs are pretty damn good, I'd say:

Geforce 9800 GX2
4 GB of 1066 ram
Q9450 at 2.6ghz

Any help would be appreciated, I tried browsing the site, but have found nothing... Thank you in advance!

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As far as I know this is fixed in the betas so give it a try if you havent already:
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Thank you Shadow Lady, this worked!

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