Need help with KH1 Cheat
So I got the code for infinite HP off Codetwink, then ran it through CBCrypt to have it decrypted, and then entered it into the .pnach file. The file is found, the code is recognized and applied, but there's no effect. It just doesn't do anything.

I kinda need this code to beat Riku, since he's permanently in his oblivion mode when he's down to his last bar and there aren't enough openings to retaliate. He's pretty much immune 24/7.

I entered the code as follows.

gametitle=Kingdom Hearts [SLUS_20370] (U)
comment=character code
//Sora unlimited HP code

I checked several guides, most of them completely outdated, and I think this is how it should be put in, but it just doesn't work. The code does nothing.

Can anyone spot the fault?

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I always use extended for my cheats, but it does seem the code is correct.
Make sure you load from a memory card and not a saved state for the code to have an effect
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