Need help with Kingdom Hearts
hi im trying to play kingdom hearts and i have got everything working fine and i have excellent performance, but when i get to a certain part in the tutorial the game stops. it doesn't freeze as there's still audio and and there's still movement on the screen but it kind of hangs in a cutscene like its trying to load. in the console it says "ZeroGS invalid unpack type" i assumed it was because of a bad version of the game or something so i acquired a different copy of the game and i still have the same result. any help would be much appreciated. Thanx.

Dell xps m1730
2.5 dualcore
4gigs of ram
2 8800m gtx in sli
windows xp sp2

using ZeroGS KOSMOS 0.97.0

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Use the 0.9.5 or the Playground to get past that issue (the cutscene after you defeat the huge heartless right?).Or you can always die in that fight (does not affect the game's flow in any way) so the crash will not occur
I deleted your other duplicate thread
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Thanks alot i greatly appreciate it. Sorry about the double post i diddnt realize i was in the wrong topic untill it was to late lol.
Quote:Use the 0.9.5 or the Playground to get past that issue
sorry im a noob. what does this mean?
It's a version of emulator which you could use to properly run Kingdom Hearts. To download them please visit .

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