Need help with MYMC
Hi! So I recently discovered the wondrous world of emulators and I started replaying all my childhood gems with my fiancee by my side. I had a problem with the computer I was using the emulator in and I lost my data. I roughly remember where I was in the different games, like stages and so, so I wanted to try and use a saved file from another person. The problem is that anytime I try to use that saved file in my MYMC, it acts like everything is okay, but when I close it it says "mymc-alpha-2.6\mymc-gui.exe: error: Incorrect number of arguments.

WARNING: mymcsup.dll failed to load."

Afterwards, I can load the game and the save data is non-present, but in the MYMC menu it shows the new saved files as included.
What can I do? 
Also, I am sorry if this isn't the correct forum place to post about it, I just thought this was the best place.

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You need msvcr71.dll file, find it online and throw it into the same folder with mymc exe
I would STRONGLY recommend AGAINST downloading random DLL files from the internet.

You can use MyMCPlus, a modernized version, from here:
This uses Python instead of the old Windows libraries:

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