Need help with Suikoden Tactics "brown overlay" patch
I'm trying to play the Japanese version of Suikoden Tactics/Rhapsodia using the newest official version of PCSX2, and everything's fine except that I'm getting a heavy brown overlay effect during battles. I've done a lot of searching around to try to find a fix, and from what I can see it's a known issue that was fixed in the latest version of the emulator, as seen here:

However, since I'm using the Japanese version, the fix doesn't apply automatically like it would if I'd used the US version. So I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone could tell me how to patch my Gdsx plugin to benefit from the fix posted in the link above. I'm sorry if I'm missing something really obvious, but I couldn't find any clear instructions anywhere.

And since it seems to be needed going by the link, the crc for the Japanese version is 0xB808413B according to PCSX2's console. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

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Guess they have to put it in the new CRC Hack in the GSCRc.cpp. Tongue2

{0xB808413B, SuikodenTactics, JP, 0},

[Image: recodersignature2.png]
So, is there any way I could do that myself? I've been trying to find the GSCRc.cpp file to edit it, but I can't find it anywhere on my PC. Would I have to download the source code and compile the entire emulator from scratch to add this fix, or is there an easier way?
Fetch the latest SVN build, I added the crc for you.
Nice, it works perfectly now. Smile

Thank you very much for the quick fix, much appreciated.

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